Minecraft Update 1.19: Wildlands - Minecraft Guide - IGN (2023)

Update 1.19: The Wild finally in Minecraft. Premieres on June 7, 2022. The Wild update introduces a lot of new content to the game, includingBricks,biom,moby,e.t.c. At first glance, knowing what you can do in The Wild update can be overwhelming. The new update brings major and minor changes to Minecraft.

This IGN guide provides details on The Wild 1.19 update. Here you will find changes in Java and Bedrock.


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  • all significant changes
  • Changes in Java
  • change of substrate

all significant changes

Here you will find all the major changes in The Wild 1.19 for Java and Bedrock Edition.

mangrove swamps

The Mangrove Swamp is a new swamp biome with a thick layer of mud on the ground.beeand warm frogs can be found in mangrove swamps. Mangrove swamps are also famous for their thick roots, muddy stones, and varying heights.the namorzynowy.

the namorzynowy

Mangroves are a new water-adapted tree that produces props at its roots. These trees grow mangrove propagules which produce mangrove propagules on their roots and generate hives.


mangrove wood block

Listed below are all variants of mangrove wood blocks.

  • Mangrove logs and stripped mangrove logs
  • Mangroves and peeled mangroves
  • Mangrove roots and muddy mangrove roots
  • Mangrove boats, buttons, pressure panels, doors, hatches, signs, steps, fences, fence gates and stairs

Mangrove leaves and propagules

  • The mangrove propula is a seedling that grows from the base of a mangrove leaf
  • The bone-crushing mangrove leaves will cause new Propagules to start growing below
  • Propagate growth goes through 4 stages, bone meal can accelerate growth
  • You can break off a fully grown Propagula and plant it like a sapling
  • Propagates can be placed on all normal tree support blocks to grow, plusmudIclay
  • propagules can grow underwater
  • Traveling traders now sometimes offer Propagule for sale


Mud is a new block found in mangrove biomes that can be spawned manually by using a water bottle on the ground or by using a dispenser. You run a little slower when walking on mudSand of souls, and Packed Mud can be crafted from mud.

= mud brick


Mud bricks are blocks that can be crafted from compacted mud. Below you will find all the items you can craft from mud bricks using a crafting bench or stonemason.
  • mud brick stairs
  • mud brick wall
  • mud brick board

Renewable clay

Placing mud on top of a block with dripstone underneath will eventually turn the mud block into clay


frogis a new mob that spawns on grass, mud, mangrove roots and muddy mangrove roots in swamps and mangrove swamps. Below you will find everything a frog can do.

  • frogs can cry
  • Frogs can walk, swim and jump on land
  • Frogs can eat small slimes, causing them to drop slime balls
  • Frogs can eat small magma blocks, causing Froglight blocks to drop
  • Each Frog variant will drop a specific Froglight block
  • Added three Froglight blocks, a type of light block



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kiskais a new mob introduced in The Wild update. Below you will find everything you need to know about them.

  • tadpoles swim in the water
  • Land tadpoles "jump" like land fish and eventually die
  • Tadpoles grow up to become frogs
  • Tadpoles grow into different types of frogs depending on the biome they grow in (Cold, Temperate, Warm)
  • Tadpoles can be caught with a bucket

Deep black

TenDeep blackare new biomes found in the Overworld. Below you will find basic information about Deep Dark.

  • Dim darkness and eerie darkness are sure to strike terror into the hearts of the bravest gamers
  • Less flooding than surrounding areas
  • The Deep Dark floor is coveredmischief
  • No mobs spawn in the abyss

ancient city

Tenancient cityIt can be found underground in the world. Below you will find basic information about the ancient city.

  • Ancient city structures generate in dark biomes.
  • In the chests guarded by Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shriekers you can find the new spell Swift Sneaking
  • You will also find a new mystery block called Reinforced Deepslate, which cannot be obtained in Survival Mode
  • Mobs cannot spawn in ancient cities



Darkness is a new effect that is applied to the player when they are close to Warden and Sculk Shrieker. Below you will find dark effects.

  • Lowers gamma to the equivalent of "Moody" while having this effect
  • In periodic pulses, it will reduce the overall brightness of the world, causing darkness to creep towards the light source
  • Dark effect icons are only displayed in the inventory
  • Added a new accessibility slider to the options menu called "Dark Effects".
    • Controls the intensity of the dark lighting effect
    • Does not affect fog distance

disc 5

record5 can only be obtained by finding and crafting 9 Disc Fragments together. These fragments can only be found in ancient city chests.

Four new music tracks

Each time the player is in a certain biome, new music is played.



Mobile players will download the updated Minecraft Original Music Pack which is free in the market.

recovery compass

The Restoration Compass can be crafted from Echo Shards, another new item that can only be found in Ancient City chests.

quick snippet

Swift Sneak is a new spell that allows you to move as fast as you would normally walk while crouching.


SeeA complete guide to the new Sculk Catalyst Block

  • Added Sculk Catalyst Block, a mysterious soul-emitting block that blooms with Sculk blobs under nearby dying creatures
    • Mobs dying while the Sculk Catalyst is present do not lose experience
  • Added Sculka blocks
    • When a mob dies near a Sculk catalyst, some unknown process seems to consume the underlying blocks and turn them into Sculk blocks
    • The spreading Sculk charge can consume some of its charge to grow a Sculk sensor or Sculk Shrieker
    • Sculk Blocks have very low blast resistance
  • Added Sculk vein blocks
    • These veins are located at the edge of the sculk plate
    • Like glowing lichens, they can be positioned in any orientation
    • Spawning veins causes other blocks to be captured by sculk
    • Sculk Vein can travel underwater
  • Dodano Blok Sculk Shriekera
    • Sculk Shriekers rarely spawn Sculk Catalyst charges
    • Sculk Shrieker can be immersed in water
    • Known for its bony appendages, the block responds to vibrations detected by Sculk's sensors, sending a warning call to distant observers
    • It may take some time for the Guardian to arrive at first, but you will hear his answer in the distance...
    • Once close enough, Sculk Shrieker will summon nearby Guardians - get ready!
  • Creature souls will spread through veins and carbon blocks in random directions until they find a suitable substrate to feed on
    • The charge from souls in Sculk Blocks and Sculk Veins eventually decays, but decays slower near the Sculk Catalyst and faster away from the host
    • If the charge falls outside the range of the catalyst, it may cause the Sculk sensor to rise
  • Sculk, Sculk Veins, and Sculk Catalysts require Silk Touch to obtain
    • They drop experience if mined without Silk Touch
  • An effective tool for all blocks in the Sculk series is the hoe



A new hostile mob that spawns in the Abyss.

vibration change

  • Carpets, like wool blocks, now dampen vibrations caused by being placed, broken, or dropped as items
  • Carpets now also dampen vibrations from running and jumping
  • Ignore item_interact_start and item_interact_finish vibrations while sneaking

league minecrafta

  • Allayas will collect all nearby items that match what they are holding
  • Allays love players who give them items and bring collected items to players they like
  • If Alley hears a note block play, that note block becomes Alley's favorite note block for 30 seconds
    • During this time, Allay will stay near the notebook and bring collected items to the notebook instead of to the player
  • Interacting with Alai empty-handed will remove an item held by Alai
  • Alleys can be found in looter outposts and forest mansions
  • Allayas are immune to damage from players they like
  • Allai have a natural health regeneration of 2 health per second

send with boxes

Players can now place chests on ships.


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goat horn

Goats will now hit trees or other solid blocks (such as logs, rocks, ice floes,the iron ore,copper mine, Lubemerald ore.

minecraft 1.19 progress

  • Added "Spread" to kill mobs near Sculk Catalyst
  • Added "You have a friend in me" option for Allay to ship items for you
  • Added "Birthday Song" for Ally to place a cake on the scrapbook
  • Added "By Our Combined Powers" to have all Froglights in your inventory
  • Added "Bukkit Bukkit" to catch tadpoles in buckets
  • Added "When the team jumps into town" for each Frog variant on the trail
  • Added "Sneak 100" to sneak into a Sculk or Sentinel sensor to prevent you from being detected
  • Added dark effect progression for "How did we get here?"

Predictability of random events

Some random events are now more predictable and can no longer cause extreme behavior:

  • Position and speed of objects falling from the dropper/dispenser
  • Location and speed of items spawning in containers when destroyed
  • Random property of mob follow_range component
  • The speed of horses that spawn in skeleton traps
  • Random Blaze position and random Blaze projectile speed
  • Random portion of arrow damage and speed
  • Random firework flight patterns
  • Swing patterns and timing of fish on the rod

minecart variant


The new recipe for the chest/furnace/TNT/jump will be invisible, and when the minecart is damaged it will break into one, not two.

monster spawn

Endermen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Piglins now spawn in the Nether in a wider range of light levels (0 to 11).

This allows more types of mobs to spawn in the Nether Portal, causing them to resize immediately upon spawning.


Here you can find all the Java changes in The Wild 1.19 update.

Minecraft Tech 1.19 Updates:

  • The packet format is now 10
  • The resource pack format is now 9
  • Added data and resource bundles feature that can selectively hide files in lower bundles
  • Added kill_mob_near_sculk_catalyst push trigger
  • Added progress trigger kicked_item_picked_up_by_player
  • Added progress trigger allay_drop_item_on_block
  • Added pre-trigger to avoid_vibration
  • Removed field positions from trigger positions, sleep_in_bed, hero_of_the_village and voluntary exile - it is handled exactly the same as players. Place
  • Some mutual exclusion tests on entity predicates (player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt, and catType) have been collapsed into type-specific fields.
  • Removed item drop command
  • Added drop command
  • Locating commands are now carried over to locating structures, and locating biomes is now being carried over to locating biomes.
  • Add location points of interest
  • Added set_instrument loot table function
  • Updated the bundled Java runtime to version 17.0.3
  • Now supports M1 ARM64 architecture
  • The LWJGL library has been updated to version 3.3.1
  • Banner patterns available in Loom can now be controlled by tags (banner_pattern/no_item_required for non-pattern items and banner_pattern/pattern_item/* for specific banner pattern items)
  • Added new font glyph provider for spaces
  • Added new game events
  • Some in-game events have been renamed
  • The CatType field on Minecraft: cat entities has been replaced with variants and numeric values ​​with string ids (so e.g. 5 is Minecraft: calico)
  • The type of the Id field in creature effect structures (for example, in an entity's ActiveEffects list) has changed from bytes to integers.
  • Added Minecraft: Dark Creature effect
  • Added sonic_explosion particles
  • World Presets/Type Peace World Presets on the "Create World" screen can now be controlled via Data Packs
  • Servers can now enable chat preview which will display a server controlled preview above the chat edit box.
  • Servers can now define different formats of chat styles for clients
  • Added max-chained-neighbor-updates server property to limit the number of consecutive neighbor updates before skipping other updates
    • Negative value removal limit
  • After the player is connected, the server will also send an additional icon and MOTD pack.
    • This allows servers with enable-status=false to set icons and MOTDs for successfully connected players


parent rock

Here you can find all the changes to the Bedrock Edition.

New Minecraft Achievements

Listed below are the new achievements in the Minecraft The Wild 1.19 update.

  • It Spreads - Kill a mob next to a catalyst
  • Birthday Song - Ask an ally to put a cake on a notebook
  • Join our forces! - Have all 3 frog lamps in your inventory
  • Sneak 100 - Sneak without activating the Sculk sensor


Vicuna will no longer be able to breathe fire over their heads.

item =


Updated ship item icon textures to match the Java version


Here are all the changes that have taken place in the block:

  • Fences and walls are no longer connected to bells and brewing stations.
  • Fixed base beer rack arm textures not touching.
  • Moved base UV for brew racks and updated base textures.
  • Fixed arm rotation for brewing racks.
  • Made a better transition between End Portal Frame and End Stone side textures.
  • Removed unused pixels from the End Rod texture.
  • Updated mycelium side textures to match other dirt based textures.
  • Fixed being able to destroy light blocks from inside underwater.

itinerant trader

Here are all the changes that have been made to the Traveling Merchant:

  • Traveling traders no longer open or close doors.
  • Wandering Traders now move randomly.
  • The wandering trader now matches the java edition drinking sound.
  • Wandering Vendors must now disappear/reappear with sound effects when gaining/losing invisibility.
  • Wandering Traders can now be called Badges. (that won't stop him from disappearing)



  • Shulkers are now immune to fire.
  • Shulkers now maintain an upright position in vehicles.
  • Shulkers no longer spawn when another shulker is on opposite negative y and x axes.

spectator mode

A mode that allows the player to fly over any object and observe the world.

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What is 1.20 Minecraft called? ›

Through the premiere episode of Minecraft Monthly Mojang has announced the name of the upcoming 1.20 update, calling it Trails & Tales.

What will 1.99 be in Minecraft? ›

1.99 is a major update to Java and Bedrock editions released on November 18th, 2057, on Minecraft's twelfth anniversary. Because of the size of 1.17 and 1.19, after 1.19's release, all Minecraft Lives were released in April, and Minecraft Festival 2049 was postponed.

Is 1.19 the wild update? ›

The 1.19 update: The Wild is finally out in Minecraft. It was released on June 7, 2022. The Wild update introduces lots of new content to the game, such as blocks, biomes, mobs, and so much more.

What is the Minecraft 1.19 1 update? ›

1 is a minor update to Java Edition released on July 27, 2022. It adds allay duplication, player chat reports, chat signing status indicators, and fixes bugs. This version is not compatible with 1.19 servers.

What is Minecraft 1.30 called? ›

The 1.30 "Galilean Update" is the successor of the two most recent updates 1.29 "Independence Update" and 1.28 "Circuitry Update". It is the 3rd celestial update after 1.24 and 1.27.

Is Minecraft 1.20 confirmed? ›

The Minecraft 1.20 update was released on Wednesday, June 7 2023, bringing a host of new features to the game – all of which you can read up on below.

What will 1.50 be in Minecraft? ›

1.5, the first release of the Redstone Update, is a major update to Minecraft (Java Edition), released on March 13, 2013, which added a number of new redstone-related blocks and a new decorative block – the block of quartz.

What will Minecraft 1.34 be? ›

The Something Wicked Update aims to expand enchantments and magical items in minecraft as well as to further expand regular caves and the deep dark.

What is the 1.29 update in Minecraft? ›

Fifteen updates after Village & Pillage, yet another village update comes in. This one, though, modifies how villages work and how they build. Redstone also gets another addition too.

What did 1.19 3 add? ›

This release includes the WorldUnloaded event, a required event, as well as several opt-in events. Diagnostic tracking is a tool that helps us understand what you like about Minecraft, which allows us to make those things better.

What did Minecraft 1.19 3 add? ›

The update has added new spawn eggs, player skins, new commands and more things to the game.

How do you find deep dark? ›

The Deep Dark can only be found deep underground in the Overworld. To reach it, you're going to need a couple of pickaxes. You'll want to keep digging until you've reached the negative Y levels. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find one right away, or you might spend.

What did Minecraft 1.19 2 add? ›

We're now releasing 1.19.2 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This release fixes a critical issue related to server connectivity with secure chat.

What did Minecraft 1.19 11 add? ›

Fixes: Fixed a bug that could cause mobs to not load into the world if their saved y-position was greater than or equal to 25. Fixed incorrect texture rending of players when using RTX on Windows (MCPE-156577) Fixed incorrect texture rendering of some mobs, like Horses, when using RTX on Windows (MCPE-132747)

When did 1.19 4 come out? ›

It has been three months since then and the developers have been teasing a bunch of new features via the weekly snapshots. However, after a long wait, the Minecraft update 1.19. 4 is finally coming to users globally today, March 14.

When did Minecraft 1.50 come out? ›

Date published

1.5, the first release of the Redstone Update, was a major update for Minecraft: Java Edition, released on March 13, 2013.

Which one is Z in Minecraft? ›

Again, in the picture, you might also call this height. (Z): The Z coordinate represents a distance north or south of the origin, just like in real-world latitude values. A distance south of the origin is represented by a positive Z value, (+Z). A distance north of the origin is represented by a negative Z value, (-Z).

What day will Minecraft 1.20 come out? ›

When is the Minecraft 1.20 release date? The Minecraft 1.20 is available to download now. It went live on Wednesday 7th June 2023 across both Java and Bedrock versions of the game. Its UK launch time was 3pm BST on 7th June.

Is Minecraft 1.21 confirmed? ›

1.21, also called the Horizons Update is a 2024 update first announced in Minecraft Festival 2023.

What is Minecraft 1.20 2023? ›

1.20, the first release of the Farming & Food update, is a major update to Java Edition released on May 23, 2023. It added a multitude of new edible food items, 3 new crops, 4 new berry bushes, and a lot more including 3 new mobs.

When did Minecraft 1.21 come out? ›

The Desert Update is a major Minecraft Update released on May 23, 2023.

What is the Minecraft 1.40 update? ›

1.40, the first release of the History Update, is a major update to Java Edition that it was announced on May 19, 2035 and was released on July 20, 2036.

What will 1.41 be in Minecraft? ›

The newest patch for Sony's console labeled 1.41 apparently fixes quite a few issues. The patch landed this week and brings with it a number of different bug workarounds such as a fix for dead bushes not dropping sticks, zombie pigmen not dropping gold ingots, and blazes not dropping glowstone dust.

What will Minecraft 1.39 be? ›

Development Versions. 1.39, the first release of the Absolute Update, is a major update to Java Edition that was announced on September 4th, 2034 and was released on November 24, 2035. This update adds new boss monsters and mobs and that can be seen in the nether after beating the game.

What will be Minecraft 1.24 update? ›

Minecraft 1.24, also just known as The Update that Changed the World II, is a major update released on July 27, 2025. It adds weapon rarities to the game, completely revamps the forest and desert biomes, and also acts as a second Update Aquatic.

What will the 1.23 Minecraft update be? ›

Update Nautilus is a major Minecraft Update released on April 14, 2023. It was the second update focusing on the ocean, and is the sequel to Update Aquatic. It updates the Oceans, Marine Wildlife, Ocean Monuments, Beaches, Rivers, and Lakes.

What is the 1.37 Minecraft update? ›

1.37-The Research Update is a major update to the Java Edition of Minecraft. It features small fossils and rocks including some new blocks and weapons. Plus, revamped fossils.

What is the 1.44 Minecraft update? ›

4 is a minor update to Minecraft (Java Edition) that was released on November 14, 2012, primarily to fix bugs from 1.4. 2.

What is the 1.27 Minecraft update? ›

The 1.27 "Martian Update is a big overhaul from 1.26. It adds many new mobs, blocks, potions, enchants, items, effects, a revamped mining system, renewed 1st Amendment rights for all, and even Mars.

What is the 1.28 update in Minecraft? ›

Eight updates after Redstone Remake, redstone mechanics still get another update. This update adds the long-due Copper, logic gates, a subtractor resistor, divider resistor, circuit breaker, and an upgraded form of Redstone.

What did Minecraft 1.19 40 add? ›

The 1.19. 40 update has increased the delay for breaking the first block in Creative Mode to 800 milliseconds. Therefore reducing the chance of players accidentally breaking an extra block.

What did Minecraft 1.19 41 add? ›

Fixed the brightness of the night sky when enabling RTX (MCPE-162445) Players can once again spread items across an inventory grid when holding the "Place One" button with a controller (MCPE-163625) Fixed an issue where players couldn't scroll through the contents of Chests with touch controls (MCPE-163619)

What is new in 1.19 4? ›

We're now releasing 1.19.4 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This release comes with improvements to horse breeding and jukeboxes, new visuals for potions, new accessibility features and many new technical capabilities like the damage and ride commands and display and interaction entities.

What did Minecraft 1.19 20 add? ›

Timeout when connecting to a multiplayer game has been reduced from 180 to 90 seconds. D-Pad Left can now be held down again to move the cursor left in menus (MCPE-155976) Instantaneous effects (Potions, Tipped Arrows) can no longer be applied to dead mobs and players.

What did Minecraft 1.19 22 add? ›

Fixes: Fixed a crash that could occur on some devices when loading in worlds with texture packs applied (MCPE-160800) Fixed a bug where deleting cloud synced worlds on Xbox would not delete the cloud version of the world when the player deleted the world locally.

What is Minecraft 1.19 31? ›

Minecraft version 1.19. 31 is another subsequent update to The Wild Update. It isn't as large or as substantial as previous updates after version 1.19, but the changes to mobile platforms may please more than a few fans. The Xbox iteration of Bedrock Edition will also be met with performance-based updates.

Can the deep dark spawn without a city? ›

But it always spawns in a huge open area that can accommodate its size. Not to forget, even though it is the only structure that generates in the deep dark biome, not every deep dark has an Ancient city.

Can you locate a deep dark city? ›

Look for the greenish-blue new Sculk blocks to find a Deep Dark biome, and you'll hopefully be on the right track, though there's no guarantee that any given pocket of Deep Dark contains an Ancient City. It may take a long time to find one, so don't give up easily.

Why is 1.20 called trails and Tales? ›

The name represents the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us bring back.

How to download Minecraft 1 20? ›

Navigate to the page for Minecraft. You can do this by searching for it and selecting the available app. If you have the game installed, it should have a button to update the app. If it's not installed, doing it then will download the latest version, 1.20.

Is 1.20 out on Bedrock? ›

1.20.0, the first release of Trails & Tales, is a major update to Bedrock Edition released on June 7, 2023. The update was announced at Minecraft Live 2022 on October 15, 2022, and its name was revealed at Minecraft Monthly on March 2, 2023. It is also the full release of the game on ChromeOS.

How do you get Minecraft 1.20 pre release? ›

Pre-release are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab. Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Is 1.20 the archeology update? ›

Minecraft's latest 1.20 update has uncovered a treasure trove of new features, including the long-awaited archaeology update. This new addition allows players to explore the desert biome in search of ancient relics, adding a new layer of depth to the already popular gameplay loop.

What is 1.20 going to be about? ›

The End Update is an upcoming major Minecraft update to 1.20 that set to be released sometimes in August 6th, 2023. It completely overhauls and revamps The End Dimension and adds a massive amount of content. It also includes 6 new biomes in the End and a revamp of Bows.

Is Minecraft Pocket Edition free now? ›

Best crafting and building game like minecraft and it's fully for FREE! Build, delete, move, jump and mine, craft in free minecraft style sandbox game. Build houses, craft block & resources, exploration endless biomes! Game includes 3 modes - Roguelike, enemy mode , basic mode with classic minecraft style environment!

Is there a Minecraft free version? ›

Yes, you can play Minecraft for free on classic.minecraft.net, with no need to download or install anything. You can also try the Minecraft demo version or can play Minecraft free game by running it on an online server.

Is Minecraft 1.2 5? ›

5 is a minor update to Minecraft (Java Edition) on April 4, 2012, which improves functionality of the pick block key.

What is the new dimension in Minecraft? ›

This dimension is called the Cevan. It has New Structures New mobs and new blocks. So I will first talk about the structures.

Will Minecraft add cherry blossom trees? ›

The Cherry Grove is Minecraft's newest biome, comprised almost entirely of cherry trees. The place is absolutely beautiful, with pink wood and petals swirling around everywhere, as this trees give players a new kind of wood and material that'll open many possibilities for creative builders.

Is 1.20 out on Java? ›

1.20, the first release of Trails & Tales, is a major update to Java Edition released on June 7, 2023. Originally announced at Minecraft Live 2022 on October 15, 2022, the name of the update was revealed at Minecraft Monthly on March 2, 2023.

How to install 1.20 snapshot? ›

Players need only open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the 'Installations' tab. From there, click “New Installation,” select “Latest Snapshot” in the drop-down menu, and click create. Your new Minecraft 1.20 snapshot installation will now be a selectable option before clicking play.

How do I enable 1.20 experimental features? ›

You may need to activate experimental features in the game to test the latest Minecraft features. Enter the “Create New World” or “Edit World” setting. If you are creating a new world, go to the “Game” setting, scroll down to “Experiments” and click on the toggle you want to activate.

When was Minecraft 1.20 0 APK released? ›

Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update APK download file to be available for Pocket Edition today (June 7th) Minecraft 1.20 is finally on the cusp of release, with one day to go before players can indulge in all of its upcoming new content.


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