Jordan De Goey's future 'hanging in the air' thanks to video from party in Bali (2023)

Australian Football LeagueBad boy Jordan Degoy is set to sit down with weary Collingwood officials on Monday, with his former coach Nathan Barkley saying the 26-year-old "must be relieved of the scandal over his wild party footage in Bali". Take responsibility."

Degoy, who made headlines for his off-pitch antics and often high-profile games in his career, will return from Bali on Sunday.

AFL officials are also monitoring the situation, particularly with regard to footage of De Goey trying to expose his friend Remy Jackson's breasts as he lay in the bar.

The Collingwood striker has a long list of indiscretions off the pitch - he recently spent the night in jail following a New York pub brawl - and the club are still under increasing pressure to rein in his misbehaviour.

Jordan De Goey's friend Remy Jackson was photographed partying with him in Bali this week

The club's sanctions will be discussed at the meeting, with many Magpie officials and board members reportedly disgusted by his misconduct.

This is when Barkley expresses concern about why Degoy has found himself in this situation again.

Jordan De Goey appears in many social media videos while drinking

"I don't think going to Bali is a good decision," he told Fox Footy.

"I know the clubs get criticized for that, but you can't keep your players like preschoolers and when they're adults you have to treat them like adults."

"At 26 you are an adult so Jordy has to take responsibility for the decision to leave, he has to take responsibility for where he is and where the club is."

"There's a whole lot that came out of it and unfortunately a lot that comes out of it," Barkley said.

Collingwood's players were given a 12-day goodbye break and the club knew of Degoe's intentions to travel to Bali.

Three-time Premier League player Cameron Mooney has put all the blame on the club.

"I am appalled that the club let him go. Whatever happens here, Collingwood, it's your fault. It's the stupidest decision I've ever seen in a football club," he said.

Degoy has 22 tackles for the Magpies in Queens Birthday against Melbourne

Remy Jackson defended 17,400 followers of De Goey on Instagram, and that number has increased by more than 2,000 in the last few days.

"Hi everyone, I can't believe the reaction to Jordy & Myself here in Bali...there's not much to see here," she wrote in her story.

Remy Jackson was featured in a social media video of a party with De Goey

Jackson has over 17,500 followers on Instagram

Degoy also posted his own response on Instagram denouncing the media's "constant harassment" of athletes like him.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends and supporters who have checked in or sent messages of support in the last 24 hours," he wrote.

"I want to publicly address the media's relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes to create an uneducated, biased and uninformed narrative that has gone too far."

“I was one of the lucky ones to receive amazing support, but not all athletes are so lucky. If no one answers, it will end in tragedy. Time for changes.

Jordan De Goey kicks during the Mapgies Queens birthday game

It is understood that Collingwood did not know in advance that he wanted to make a statement.

De Goey is in the last year of his contract and is set to receive a mega multi-year contract worth at least $800,000 in free agency.

Collingwood chief executive Mark Anderson said just two weeks ago that the club was confident they would retain Degoy before limited free agency hit the market.

"He's had a great year on the pitch and is very well followed off the pitch," he saidAFL-National.

De Goey celebrates his goal in the round of 16 against Hawthorn

The other half of this review is now clearly dusted off, and it remains to be seen whether Collingwood or another club will place such an expensive bet on Degoy.

Either way, the incident certainly doesn't add any zeros to his contract, and whatever good will he built up after his drunken antics in New York during pre-season has been tarnished.

More reports are emerging about the timeline of events during De Goey's stay in Baliherald the sun.

Former Essendon Premier League player Rick Olarenshaw's Mynx beauty salon was the first port Collingwood left Melbourne for shortly after his impressive Queen's Birthday victory.

The next day, De Goey trained with the local AFL team, the Bali Geckos, before taking part in training the next day.

The next day, after practice, De Goey and his group headed to the famous Finns VIP Club for a cocktail by the pool before heading to a Mexican motel.

That's where it all started, and now the deleted video is from a club known for bottomless margaritas.

De Goey was filmed making vulgar sexual gestures on camera before attempting to expose Jackson's breasts as he lay in a bar. The blond obviously wanted to shake off his hand.

It was far from the peaceful escape Collingwood had hoped for.

Jordan Degoy's antics off court

March 2017

Collingwood was suspended for three games and fined $5,000 after lying to the club about a broken arm. De Goey initially told the club he broke his arm playing with his dog, but he actually broke it in a pub brawl in St Kilda.

February 2018

He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after he was stopped by the police. De Goey, who blew .095 in Port Melbourne, twice the legal limit, was suspended and fined $10,000 by Collingwood.

July 2020

Victoria Police charged De Goey with indecent assault in connection with the 2015 Kew incident. These charges were later phased out in 2021.

August 2021

De Goey was fined $2,075 after pleading guilty to seven traffic violations, including speeding, using a cell phone while driving, suspending driving and not having a P license plate.

October 2021

Degoy spent the night in a US prison after being arrested and charged with forced touching after an incident at a New York nightclub. These charges were later dropped, but Degoy was also charged with harassment and battery for allegedly punching a man who was kicking at the same nightclub.

January 2022

Following the incident in New York, Degoy pleaded guilty to the harassment charges and was ordered by the court to undergo anger and alcohol treatment. He was fined $10,000 by the AFL for misconduct and also worked for the Salvation Army.

June 2022

Degoy is facing sanctions from the club after a series of videos surfaced on social media of Collingwood players throwing farewell parties in Bali. He was filmed making lewd gestures and trying to show his friend Remy Jackson's breasts.


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What did De Goey do in the Bali video? ›

Collingwood and the AFL are investigating footage of De Goey partying in Bali, with the much-maligned Magpies star seen imitating a sex act and seemingly attempting to expose a women's breast in the videos.

What happened with De Goey in Bali? ›

Footage emerged on social media last week of De Goey, who was given permission by the club to travel to Bali on his mid-season break, making lewd gestures while at a nightclub. The fine is suspended through to the end of the season dependent on good behaviour.

Why did Jordan De Goey get suspended? ›

De Goey was banned for three matches by the Tribunal over the brutal high bump that concussed West Coast midfielder Elijah Hewett. The suspension encompasses the Magpies' mid-season bye and mandatory player break, meaning De Goey will be out of action for four weeks.

Who is the girl in the De Goey Bali video? ›

The woman captured in the video, Sydney's Remy Jackson, came out on Saturday morning in support of De Goey. “Hey everyone, I can't believe the backlash towards Jordy & Myself over here in Bali …

What happened to Jordan De Goey? ›

Key points: Jordan De Goey has been hit with a three-match ban for his bump on West Coast's Elijah Hewett. It is the minimum ban for the rough conduct charge. De Goey will return for the Magpies clash with Western Bulldogs in Round 17.

What is the main drag in Bali? ›

Legian Road or Jalan Legian is the main street that runs north–south from Kuta to Seminyak on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Legian Road contains a variety of shops, bars, hotels and dance clubs. Its proximity to the beach and its prominent night life make it host to thousands of tourists.

How much does Jordan De Goey get paid? ›

Magpies confirm $3.2 million Jordan De Goey extension 'on hold' amid Bali video scandal.

Who was the footy player in Bali? ›

Bali bombings

On 12 October 2002, McCartney was a victim of the Bali bombing near the Sari Club. He was drinking at a nearby pub called Paddy's Bar when the bomb exploded, causing McCartney and his companion, fellow AFL teammate Mick Martyn, to suffer the impact of the blast.

What nationality is Jordan De Goey? ›

De Goey is a surname. It most commonly refers to Jordan De Goey (born 1996), an Australian rules footballer for the Collingwood Football Club.

How long is Jordan De Goey suspended? ›

Collingwood midfielder Jordan De Goey has been handed a three-match suspension by the AFL Tribunal for Rough Conduct. The charge, graded as careless conduct, severe impact and high contact, occurred in the first quarter of the Pies' Round 12 match against the West Coast Eagles.

When did Ben Cousins get suspended? ›

Cousins was suspended indefinitely by West Coast on 20 March 2007 after missing two training sessions. It was later confirmed that Cousins had a substance abuse problem.

How old is Jordan De Goey? ›

Which Collingwood players went to Bali? ›

“The Collingwood Football Club is aware of video footage involving player Jordan De Goey that was taken in Bali in recent days,” the statement reads.

Why do influencers go to Bali? ›

Once a laid-back surfer's paradise, Bali has transformed into a picture-perfect destination for “content creators.” The streets of towns like Canggu and Ubud now feature Instagram-worthy cafes and bohemian clothes stores, attracting hordes of influencers seeking the perfect backdrop for their social media posts.

Who discovered Bali? ›

Marco Polo in 1292 and Vasco de Gama around 1512 were known to have reached Indonesia, but the first European to set foot on Bali is credited as the Dutchman Cornelis de Houtman in 1597.


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