Hotel Tour: Embassy Suites Chicago Lombard Oak Brook, IL (2023)

to introduce

This is a great hotel opened in 1989 in a great location on the outskirts of Chicago. This hotel is located off Interstate 88, just 15 minutes from Chicago O'Hare Airport and 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. The atrium was being updated during my stay. I would definitely recommend this hotel if you need a place to stay in the Chicago area. The address is 707 East Butterfield Road. (taken July 22, 2016)


Hi everyone, this will be a full set.

This is John's elevator fan.

It will be a small hotel floor at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lombard, Illinois.

This hotel is undergoing a complete renovation.

Because it's in itself.

So the entrance is here.

Let's go in and take a walk.

So when you walk in you see a beautiful lobby and your bar is there.

Sorry, the entire atrium is covered in glass.

So we have to take the elevator to the pool and fitness center.

On the second floor, wait for this person to leave.

These are traditional from Dover, but more modern than the Otis line, and the seven, as seen on the second floor, has a piece of plastic.

So you can't see it inside me I think I'll take it because no one has finished so we go to the second floor to go to the whole business center.

Watch the indicator go up and as you can see they will see the atrium they are renovating.

It also looks ugly.

Now we have to go up the stairs to the pool fitness center because there is a tree there, there is no entrance to the EA as you can see there is a piece of plastic, they replaced the ones in the communal room to order the public bathroom.

The hotel has ten floors.

There is also a service lift but you are not allowed to use it as it says the hotel is definitely weird.

To impuls z Dover.

The stairs are here, come out.

So the stairs are right below.

So someone is in the pool as directly below.

So I won't take them, but I'll go to the pool.

So this is mine.

I've never seen this Keelung to see if it works.

Actually, it's here and I can't get out of here.

I'm going this way, there's a great camp there.

You need a key card if you can't get in or for some reason we already have access to the pool this way, but I think there is a way to get in this way, it's here, oh it's here.


The fitness center is here.

Well, it's 6 in the morning.

until 12 am

Usually available 24 hours a day.

Like here, ok, I'm having trouble getting my room key, please hold on.

Let me try again, but if it's yellow it might work.

Well if we can't get in here the elliptical machine and exercise machines the frothy water is now back in the pool we will go back to the same building 4 we will take the elevator back and forth they are doing a major refurbishment to the atrium as it is very old , ambassadors. There are pavilions and apartments.

We are back to lifts again, traditional modern Dover lifts but they will be upgraded by Otis 87.

Soon the buttons inside belonged to Dover.

On the outside, it's a 7 series.

So we start with the elevator here.

There are three elevators again, one of them will be one, the other two, or just a mystery, oh no elevator to another floor.

Men hate waiting too long here.

This is the middle one.

I always feel that the one in the middle is always right.

Oh, and you can see the renovations.

There are no builders here, but it will turn into a light kiosk on the ground.

What happens when you press the button? Yes, we're coming to my place, what's the future? I walked around the corridor from the sky to understand the building.

These are ten beautiful views that unnecessarily made me very nervous.

Chapter 728 We Will.

Check the ice and bend on this floor.

I think I said the vending machines are here, and the tenth floor doesn't look the same as the seventh floor.

There is a candy store on the tenth floor, it's amazing, I've never seen it before.

The first time I saw sweets, I was on eight floors.

Then the next one has 99 4.

And this one has 10 layers.

Everyone seems to have grown up so ice cream and vending machines are like that again, really you say, I'm a little scared.

But don't worry, I'm not too scared, it's your ice maker.

They don't have vending machines.

This is very strange.

There is a service elevator if you are looking.

But he says it should talk about the house, the staff of the house, only then we won't be chasing silver.

So we go back to the elevators, take them back down to the ground floor, then go up to the third floor and look at the rooms on the third floor.

Well, instead I thought I'd take a cab view since I'm going down to level three.

You guessed it, okay.

So write it, but with a 3 in C, you have no clothes on your chest.

One dollar.

So it's still Dover.

These are compatible kill switch alarms, but they do not work.

You have LED lights, we were on the third floor because I was almost sent to the fourth hole earlier, but this.

So the tenth floor looks a bit different because there is no one in the hotel.

It's medium-medium.

You can't go up to the seventh floor because it's starting to get newer there.

Our room is here with a fire extinguisher.

This was one of our rooms, we were in three suites in room 314, we wandered around and everything was turnkey.

So when you walk in you are greeted by a crisp flat screen TV and hotel guide in the embassy suites.

You have, sorry, that's all.

My brother who is always annoying in my videos gives this video a thumbs down to this channel embassy apartments.

You got your brochure.

You have your phone.

You have your lights.

Your mirror. See who's got your mirror, hey, you got a microwave, God, how do you open it? Well, forget it.

You have your fridge which is a working coffee mug.

Then you decorate your bathroom.

See if you have a toilet, how about this? Well, let's see how it works.


probably lost

But it is.

All right, Link, one more time.

You have your own living room.

I'm not taking the TV.

Here's another sharp, flat screen.

I don't want to be copyrighted, here's a queen bed, two queen beds, and, uh, an alarm clock, a clock, and I want to show you something cool from the window.

You can't see it now, but it appears to be interstate.

If you can't see it, you can see it better in the morning, but it's always there.

As you can see, you will see downtown Chicago.

So let's take one last look at the corridor.

And then we'll show you the vending machine first because it's not there.

It's not on the tenth floor.

So let's take a look at the slot machines.

To have.

This #4 elevator has a vent because I have ice from the marked bend.

Look at the staff of this hotel only six people are there to see you have coke i know diesel don't like to see here.

He'd rather Pepsi, there, uh, there, uh, your ice dispenser, see how it works.

There's less tension in the elevator if you want to take a peek.

When we were looking for a place to stay in the Chicago area, I recommended the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel and the Rambardo Hotel in Lombard, IL as it is about 60 miles from downtown Chicago.

One of the two places I recommend.

Navy Pier and the Children's Museum of Chicago are worth a visit, and I recommend the Willis Tower, it's a great view.

So I'm going to sum it up.

This video is for the world of Jax tech. We'll wrap it up as soon as we walk through the door, take a peek at the corridor at the end, and that's it.


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