Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (2023)

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Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (2)Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (3)Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (4)Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (5)Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (6)Does he like me or is he just nice? quiz (7)

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I created this quiz to help you figure out if a guy you like is nice because (a) he just wants to be your friend, (b) he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, or (c) he is it wouldn't mind being more than your friend. Friends. Get it now and find out which one applies to you!

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will rise (39220)

43 days ago

Hey! So I have a crush on a guy who is 3 years older than me, it's been 5 days since we texted. We learned a lot about him, we are literally like twins. Sometimes I feel like he's interested in me, my friends have also said that through their messages. But on the other hand, I still feel a kind of distance between us. He told me that outside of my circle of friends, he talks to me the most! He always jokes that we will always be together because we are the same person. I get a lot of mixed signals but I'm scared because I know we're the same person, that maybe he's just being nice and nothing more, and that I would have raised my expectations. I don't know, maybe it's the age difference because he's my boss. But he texted me first and said we hit it off from day one and he's opening up to me as the days go by. He even suggests going home together and taking me home. Ugh, I really don't know what he's thinking

Luft (96690)

80 days ago

So there's this guy in my class. I've had a crush on him since we met in college. And we started to become good friends. There was this project where we were in the same group. So he asked me to go to his house, it was just him and me, other members of the group let us down. Then he told me he liked another girl. He was totally crazy about her. I was devastated, but I didn't want him to know, so I played along and started teasing him like a friend would. After a few days he started flirting with me, or being friendly, whatever. There were so many mixed signals. Now he's always trying to talk to me or said some weird things that caught me off guard. But I'm not sure if he likes me or if he's kidding me. If he liked me, he would have said so to me, right? Like he said to the other girl he liked. I'm sick of him Whenever I try to move on, he just shows up and treats me like he likes me.

Sofia (07248)

83 days ago

Friends only?????!!!!!!!! NOOOOO! . . .

He likes my boyfriend and she likes him, they can date but it will be a few weeks but I think she will break up with him and we are not friends with her anymore because she lied to us about him and me you've known him longer, but i broke up with another guy i've known since GR 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 so he called me a pick me girl (and i am not), but he helped me with it. But I do not know

Kyliegh (77196)

288 days ago

The guy I like goes to school with me. I tried asking him out once but he still didn't want a relationship so I flirted. he flirts back so i think i'll ask him but slowly

gabby (38615)

328 days ago

There's this guy at school who always says hello when he sees me, but he told me he has a girlfriend, so I don't want to sound like I'm jumping to conclusions.

walk from (08700)

346 days ago

Yes... that's right, I don't know if that's right

Maria (65815)

355 days ago

So there's this boy I like and I don't know if he's one of my best friends but I don't know if he likes me because today he hugs me and when it's time for him to go he always touches my shoulder and says goodbye

🚔 (01750)

373 days ago

I'm going towards it

Procrastinador (60522)

460 days ago

So my love life is messed up and kinda nonexistent. I have two passions. I've had one for five years and he's my age. He's really really sweet and really sweet, but I don't think he knows I still exist. The worst thing is that my boyfriend likes him too, so I didn't tell anyone about it.
The other is from this year, but he's two years older than me and he's only in one of my classes. He's really nice, smart, funny and talented. But he doesn't really recognize me. Is my love life doomed? I'll probably end up alone T_T

Isabella / me mom (10149)

464 days ago

Quiz; much luck

My; good luck to me

Laura Glebocki (12937)

605 days ago

Hey! I met this guy at a park near my house last summer! We talked several times and then we hugged and he touched my ass! I guess he wanted something to happen between us! When I showed up at the park the next day, he was waiting for me on the same bench I would have sat on and thought I was going to go straight to him and talk, but I didn't and moved on. Basically I played hard to get. In the days that followed, I saw him from afar in the park, but I didn't bother to speak to him because I was so disgusted with his reaction. Then the bad weather started, so I stopped going until May of this year when I started again and finally saw him again. I saw him first so I decided to say hello to him and then he started asking me if I have a message for him? Do I have news for me ?? Do I have the winning numbers for him to win the 70 billion jackpot??? I thought he was going to ask me for money and I told him and he was offended and offended! We haven't spoken for two weeks, but we saw each other in the park! So I plucked up the courage to go and talk to him and apologize for what I misunderstood about 2 weeks ago. Since that day he manages to always come and talk to me and we talk 1 hour, 2 hours, 45 minutes and we talk nonsense 💗. And he keeps asking me if I have a message for him? do you have something new for me?? He doesn't want anything serious and talks to me about other girls in the park in front of me! He grabbed my nose a couple of times, he even grabbed my phone from my hand and wouldn't give it back, he blocked me with his arm etc! Too many mixed signals! Is he just nice and friendly? Maybe..... maybe someone can help to understand. ! He definitely knows I like him I would say.

Rubi (23824)

632 days ago

There's a guy I like. It's been 4 years since we met. I met him at the basketball court near his house and mine through a mutual friend. And since we're 4 years apart, he's getting busier and busier, so over time we're seeing less and less. If I bumped into him, he'd run away (today the tire was half destroyed) and we'd wave and say hello. Maybe we could talk about school for a while (we go to the same school and he's my senior year) and he'd go back to doing his own thing. He's always cold and distant (he's always like that with girls, so I don't know if he really hates me) and only talks to me when I start.

Person (05076)

698 days ago

Cambell too, what you said was inappropriate and rude. Think before you next speak. I think Aubrey is super brave to ask her crush out, and it's silly to say that "a man's job is to ask a girl out."

Person (05076)

699 days ago

This year I started at a new school and became friends with this guy (let's call him Mark but that's not his real name). A few months into the start of the school year, Mark told me he liked me, but now (it's the start of the school year) when people text us or when someone asks him if they like me, he denies it. All signs point to him liking me, but he always says he likes another girl! I'm so confused! If anyone has a tip, please help!

Hello, I'm here to share my opinion. (32764)

745 days ago

Sorry I accidentally posted twice. My mistake.

Hello, I'm here to share my opinion on what Happ (32764)

745 days ago


Dude I think you need to wake up and realize this is the 21st century. A girl has every right to ask a guy out. In fact, some guys might even find it attractive. She shouldn't have to wait for a guy to come to her, she can make something happen between them by doing it herself.

You had no right to tell her that; None at all. You don't know her and she hasn't asked anyone's opinion. Maybe you were just trying to help, but boy did you sound like a real jerk?

Woman and man are equal. It's not "man's work" to do anything. Genetically, men are just biologically better than women at some things, and women are better than men at some things. But it is not correct to assume that all men and women are the same. Everyone has different skills and talents that do not depend on gender. Having the ability and right to ask someone out is one of those things that both genders can do.

I'm sorry if anything I just said came off as offensive or rude, I just want you to know what I and most people believe about women's rights. Personally, I think you're the one who "NEEDS HELP" because what you said was so hurtful and unnecessary.

As for the creator of the quiz, I'm sorry that this whole thread/discussion ended up in the comments of what was supposed to be a harmless and fun quiz. You did a very good test; Thanks for that. Have a great day and don't get caught up in all the excitement in the comments :D

Sooo (27286)

776 days ago

I'm sorry, but civilized people question people they like... I'm just saying. Uncivilized or pagan you thought, Camble, probably. Aubrey, I was hoping everything worked out.

anonymous (70121)

781 days ago

Hey! For one, he does his homework with me when no one is around, he sometimes sits in front of me waiting for me to go to class, and he sits next to me when there is a project or homework that the teacher gave us it in a group. But I didn't know if he liked me or not, sometimes he looked at me but when I looked at him he just gave me a warning as if to ask me what, does he like me? but i knew i was too young but im not sure if he likes me :') maybe just best friends who knows? he he..

Elle (73994)

991 days ago

Cambell, a troubled online friend — seriously, what if Aubrey wants to ask her out? She is her own person! She doesn't need anyone to tell her what to do! I know it's not "civilized" for her to ask a guy out, but so what? She can if she wants. I know we don't give a fuck about her favorite color, but you don't have to be so mean. There is nothing wrong with her asking you out. I know it's usually the right way, but it doesn't matter! All that matters is that Aubrey is happy. I know I don't know them, but nobody deserves to be bullied or taunted. You are not missing anything! Seriously, listen to yourself! She doesn't need to be punished for asking a guy out. You must have hurt her feelings! She's not crazy! She doesn't have to listen to me or you! She is her own person. Then start apologizing!

Aubrey - Sorry if I said something wrong and hurt your feelings! Be yourself! Don't let people step on you and tell you what to do. Please excuse me if I offended you. I don't think you're crazy, I just think you were really excited. I don't think you deserve to be punished.



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